Hiring a Guide

Hiring a Local Guide in Imlil:

 Hiring a local guide in Imlil is the perfect option to discover the High Atlas of Morocco.
No  one knows Toubkal area quite like a local who has lived there their   whole life. Local guides can give you their insights and share their   local knowledge with you, giving you an experience you will never  forget.
By  hiring a local guide in Imlil you will discover the hidden gems,   experience the local culture and visit places you would never see by   yourself.  

Our local guides are

  • Full training in Centre CFAMM to be certified mountain guides.
  • Full training in mountain rescue with Moroccan Royale Federation of Ski & Mountaineering.
  • Fluent in Arabic, French, English and Spanish

Mule Hire

Mule Hire in Imlil

The  absence of supplies, distance from roadheads and general lack of  facilities mean that all equipment must be carried while on trek. By far  the easiest way of doing this is to hire mule in Imlil. the atlas are  criss-crossed with a network of mule trails. this, together with the low  cost, makes mule hire an attractive option.The usual arrangement is  that you hire the mule, the muleteer who accompanies it does not charge  for his services  

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