Guided Bike Tours

 As  well as offering bike hire, we also offer a number of guided trips and  bike tours in and around the Imlil Valley, covering all types of riding  in the valley for riders of every level of ability. Each of the tours are with qualified bike guides who know Imlil and the surrounding areas exceptionally well.

Who should go...

Each  tour and guided trip is aimed at a difference audience so there really  is something to suit everyone who is interested in mountain biking and  especially those who are new to the Imlil Valley and want to explore it  with the experts.

What to bring

As  always, doing exercise in the High Atlas in the summer months can be  hot work so make sure that you have plenty of water for your tour and  sun screen is a must!

How to book

A variety of trips and options are available. Please enquire for prices, plans and availbility. 

Bike Hire in Imlil

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