Trekking in hight atlas:


Trekking   in high atlas means trekking in  greatest mountain range of North   Africa, is perhaps the most beautiful and intriguing part of Morocco.  It  has retained a remoteness which until recent decades was virtually   complete, and contains villages where the way of life has changed  little  for centuries.
Outsiders to trekking in high atlas, Toubkal   massif are constantly surprised when they encounter the friendliness  and  openness of the villagers, as they go about their everyday tasks.   Hiking in the High Atlas is one of the best morocco trekking – feasible   exploration of stunning natural beauty, and of a rigidly individual   world.. We specialize in tailor-made hiking  tours for private groups, and we are experts in making your High Atlas  experience exceptional! You tell us what kind of treks you'd like, what  level of hikers you are, and we'll organize the rest.
We've  listed some of our favorite hikes to tantalize you but remember there  are many more to choose from, depending on what sort of walking you'd  like to do.

Azzaden Valley-2 Days

Imlil To Azzaden: 2 Days

2 days of walking in the Toubkal national park, surrounded by high  peaks that flirt with 4000 m, Ait Mizan valley and Azzaden valley, the most beautiful in the region.

Nestle Berber villages where we discover the farming culture of the mountaineers who have developed a lifestyle and a unique heritage of morocco.

Itinerary :

Day 1: Imlil-Id Issa

Today is about 5 hours walking from Imlil at 1740 m to Tizi N’Mezzik at 2450 m via the village of Mzzik, after lunch we start our descent through the juniper trees and Tizi Oussem village to get to the village of Id Issa. Night spent in a Berber gite,

Day 2: id issa-imlil

We set for 6 hours trekking from Id Issa up through the forest of juniper trees to Tizi Oudid pass at 2100 m, which affords a wonderful view of the mountains. Then we follow the mule tracks heading for the village of Aguerssiwal, lunch by the river, than continue passing by Tadart to Imlil.

Inman Valley- 2 Days

Imlil To Imnane: 2 Days

This is a circle walk, will take you from Ait Mizan valley to the stunning Imnan valley and back, passing by the pretty village of Tacheddirt (2314 m ) set around mountains and reached via the Tizi N’Tamatert pass (2300m) , east of Imlil.

Itinerary :

Day 1 : Imlil-Tinoughrin

Today is about 5 hours of trekking starting from Imlil to Tinoughrin village via Tizi N’tamatert (2300 m). Night in bivouac or Berber gite.

Day 2 : Tinoughrin-Imlil

Walking along the valley of Imnan passing by Ikkis than Tizi N’Aguerssiwal (2100m ), lunch at Agurssiwal village by the river . Continue passing by Tadart to Imlil.

Jbel Angour 3 Days


 Hiking  along the ridge of Jbel Angour is pretty demanding, trekking a full day  from Tacheddirt, it requires basic climbing skills.



Much  of today’s relatively gentle route follows the 4 WD track linking Imlil  to the valley of Imnan. The road climbs gently eastwards of walnuts,  apple and cherries before zigzagging up to Tizi N’tamatert at 2279 m.  Easy 45 min walk to Ounsekra village, along this stretchyou will be  treated to views across the valley to neat Berber houses and lush  terraces in Talat N’chaoute, Tanguist, Ouansekra and Tachedirt. 5 hours  of walking, night spent in a Berber Gite or tents.


From  Tacheddirt, the trail zigzags up the left hand side of the Imenane  Valley up towards Tizi N Tacheddirt, At the pass ( a  three-and-a-half-hour steep walk, taking you up to 3616m ), a path  climbs due north up a rough, grassy slope, to break through crags onto  the sloping plateau, which can be followed to the Summit of Angour, this  plateau is an unusual feature on a peak with such dramatic cliffs, It  is split by a vally, with care, we follow a ridge down from here to Tizi  N'Edai, and break away straight down to Tacheddirt.


Trekking  back from Tacheddirt to Imlil by way of Tizi N Aguressioual, this takes  you first by a tricky-surfaced path to the hamlets of Tinerhourine ( 1h  ) and Ikiss (15 min), from Ikiss a good path leads up to the  Aguressioual pass, over the other side, it's another stony scramble down  to the village of Aguressioual, from where we follow the Asni road back  up to Imlil . 

Sti Fadma- 3 Days

Imlil To Stti Fadm 3 days

A superb and relatively leisurely three days walks through some of the most spectacular country in the high atlas. The rout leads over only one rocky high pass, which is followed by a long descent into the supper ourika valley, where green terraces and shady walnut groves cascade down steep mountainsides. The rout passes through a dozen Berber villages, some of which have yet to be connected with electricity.


Day 1: Imlil- Ounsekra

Much of today’s relatively gentle route follows the 4 WD track linking Imlil to the valley of Imnan. The road climbs gently eastwards of walnuts, apple and cherries before zigzagging up to Tizi N’tamatert at 2279 m. Easy 45 min walk to ounsekra village, along this stretch you will be treated to views across the valley to neat Berber houses and lush terraces in Talat N’chaoute, tanguist and ouansekra. 5 hours of walking, night spent in a Berber gite or tents.

Day 2 : Ounsekra – Timichi

Follow the well-used mule path which is surrounded by beautifully terraced fields on the far side of the village , the track begins to climb steadily 870 m to Tizi N’tacheddirt 3230 m where we could enjoy a stunning view of jbel Aksoual (3842 m) , Bouignouane (3882 m) and Angour (3616 m).

The path heads downs past ancient gnarled juniper trees and around the slopping eastern flank of jbel angour, where sheep and goats are brought to graze from early spring. 6 hours of walking, night spent in a Berber gite or tents.

Day 3 : Timichi – Setti Fatma

Today is around 4 hours of walking from timichi to Setti fatma passing trough: tiwidiwe, anfli and tadart. Along the way are bird’s-eye views onto intricate irrigation channels and village terraces. In late May and early June many of these terraces are crammed with golden barley, ready for summer harvest.

3 Valleys Trek- 3 Days

3 Valleys Trek- 3 Days

Trekking the 3 valleys start and finish at Ait Mizan valley passing by Imnan and Azzaen valleys.

This trek allows you to visit the most beautiful mountain regions  around Marrakech, to experience the true spirit of the Berber life,  and discover the agricultural traditions of the mountain Berbers, the  irrigated terraces.

Itinerary :


Depart from Imlil to Tizi N’Tamatert (2300m ) , lunch will be here with a great view of Ait Mizan and Imnan valleys , thane head to Tachedirt and Tinoughrine villages , night spent in tents or in a Berber gite, 6 hours walking time .


6 hours of trekking taking you from Imnan to Azzaden valley through Ikkis, Tizi N’aguerssiwal pass (2100 m), Matat and Tizi Oudid pass (2200 m) .night spent in the Berber Gite.


6 hours of trekking from Id Issa to Tizi Oussem, Ighouliden waterfalls, Tizi Mezzik pass (2459 m), the village of Mezzik to arrive back to Imlil .

villages & Toubkal summit 4 D

Berber villages and Mount Toubkal 4 Days

 Beyond  the majestic peaks and fabulous views of Jebel Toubkal, this circuit  offers fascinating glimpses into Berber life in remote high atlas  villages.This circuit around (and up) Jebel  Toubkal passes through landscapes ranging from lush, cultivated valleys  and Berber villages to forbidding peaks and bleak passes.



The starting point is Agursioual village 1550 m after meeting with our  Berber team, climb to Tizi Oudid pass at 2219 m through Matat village  and terraced Fields of apple and cherry trees, and then walk down to Id  Issa village in Azzaden valley through a forest of juniper and cedar. 6  hours of walking, night spent in local gite.


Today  is around 6 hours of trekking from Id Issa to Azzib N’Tamsolt at 2700 m  through the village of Tizi Oussem. Night spent in tents or refuge of  Tamsoult.


After  a breakfast we will walk out of the Azzaden village to the refuge of  Toubkal through the biggest waterfall in the Toubkal region (Ighoulidne)  and Aguelzim pass at 3600 m. Night spent in tents or refuge of Toubkal


arly  departure for the ascent of Toubkal 4167 m, this is the highest peak of  morocco and North Africa. From the top, it dominates much of the atlas  the plain and the desert are guessed on the horizon, this summit gives  us a breath taking view of the massive Siroua and the valley of Imlil.  Descent to the village of armed via the marabou of the valley Sidi  Shamharouch (2310m) to Imlil.